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【留学】マレーシアからの留学だより #3

2016年07月20日 国際交流

About School

9 July 2016

I have almost done with first semester in Taylor’s University. The only thing left for students is FINAL EXAMS! Although the exam week will start from 11th of July, my first day of exam is 12th of July. The worst thing is I have two subjects on the first day of exam, which means I need to prepare a lot for that day. Luckily, since I have gotten 1 week off (it is given us as study break but it is actually the holiday to celebrate the end of Ramadan) before exams, I have plenty of time to study. I will just do my best for all exam and will try not to take re-examination in September!!!:)

The gate in the library. Since the machine wont read ID smoothly, there is always a line.

About holiday

I have been to a beach and a mountain area in Malaysia with my friends last month. We have been to Cameron Highlands where the largest tea plantation in Malaysia exist. There were also more places to see such as bee firms, rose garden (Though I rarely saw roses there?), lavender garden and so on. We really have enjoyed Cameron Highlands much more than we had expected. The one thing we regret about the trip is we have spent more money than we had planned to use. We were supposed to meet up at 7:30AM and take a taxi to the bus station, but one of my friends overslept and we ended up taking a taxi at 8AM. However, we were not in hurry because we have already booked a ticket for the bus and there was less traffic in the morning. It was 8:20AM when we arrived in the bus station and we started to look for our bus for Cameron Highlands, but of course we couldn’t find it because we were in wrong bus station! We immediately took a taxi on the road and asked a driver to go to the place which was written in the ticket. Although he didn’t speak English but seemed to understand where to go, we headed to another bus station. Now guess what happened? We arrived at another bus stop which was quiet small and we asked people if there was any bus to Cameron Highlands. Then we realized that we got wrong bus station again! One of my friend started to look irritated and the other friend looked already tired. We all knew that it was impossible to take a bus we booked but decided to take next bus. We took a taxi again and finally arrived at right bus station. Though we were pissed again because we had to pay for the tickets all over again, we managed to reach Cameron Highlands after four-hour bus trip?
I usually prefer to non-planned trip, but I realized it is important at least to search transportation in advance?




最近でいうと、リビアからの友達が断食中なのにも関わらず、私が友達とご飯を食べているところにわざわざ来ておしゃべりし始めたので、「なんか私たち目の前で食べててごめんね!」というと、「いいよ!全然気にしないから!」とさわやかに返してきました。今までこんな身近にムスリムの友達がいなかったので、なんだか新しい世界を知れてうれしく感じました 。