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2016年度春季海外語学研修 アイルランド 2016.2.22

I always learned many kind of things !

I always learned many kind of things !

I'm studying English in Limerick. There are many students who came from Tokyo in my class. They are smart, so every classes are exciting. I learn useful words, grammar and pronunciation and talk a lot.

Also, my teacher teaches me how to learn English. She said "Use your shyness. It's natural that you can't use English well, so if you don't get it, you say “I don't understand. Could you tell me again?” I agree with this opinion, so I talk with my host mother and ask her many questions if I don't understand what she says. She loves talking and speaks quickly, but I think it is a good training and I enjoy it.

By the way, I went to Dublin with my friends on last Sunday. Although we planned for what time we get on the bus and where we visit in advance, we wasn't able to find the bus stop and missed the bus. However, this experience gave me confidence. Of course, the trip to Dublin was wonderful. We visited GUINNES factory, Trinity College and National museum of Ireland. I was able to know culture of Ireland.






研修先:アイルランド リムリック大学 ランゲージセンター
経済学部経済学科 1年次 S.Tさん 金沢二水高等学校出身

Students Voice from Overseas