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【留学】ハンガリーからの留学だより #3

2017年01月13日 国際交流

ますますグローバル化が進む現代、本学の学生たちも自分を超える力をつけるために海外で学び、日々努力しています。 現在交換留学生としてハンガリーのコドラニ ヤーノシュ大学で学んでいるN.Hさん(人間科学部こども学科3年次 石川県 星稜高等学校出身)からレポートが届きました。

About School

These days, I have a lot of task to do. In the beginning of the semester, I could study well in advance because teacher did not give us so many assignments however, we do not have enough time to sleep and make the dish due to upcoming next final exam and countless presentation. We do not have enough space in dormitory so I decided to use CEU university.
Recently I have acquired many presentation in various class. In general, It is rare for me to presentation by myself as teacher love to corporate in the group. In the class of Asian and Europe in the Changing World, teacher created one group that I join. This group has me and two Kazakh girls who cannot have enough ability to speak and understand English. I was truly surprised that they cannot speak it fluently as every international student that I met good at using English. They always pretend to make the face that they know everything however, after she finished speaking they asked me to act as interpreter. I do not want to be their keeper but I had to take care of them as we had group presentation. It takes much time to communicate with them using English. Sometimes they told me to use google translation but I am dead set against doing it because it is not useful for their study and it takes thousands of hours to write everything that professor said.

I do not know it is fortunately or unfortunately but we live in the same dormitory. After finishing class, we prepare to make the presentation at home every time. One of my friends who is Kazakh helped me to interpret but she gave up as they even did not know what they should do after finishing her interpretation. (I and she were completely understood.) 
She recommended me to change the group because she thought that they wasted my time. I want to do that but unfortunately owing to the lack of the time I cannot do it. I tried to look after them every time when they are in the dormitory. I know the teacher would evaluate as not one person but whole group so I want to prepare the perfect presentation. Finally, I could receive first prize in the class but I thought I will not do it next time.

About holiday

One of my Kazakh friend reach her birthday and she decided to spend her birthday in Szentendre, Hungary. Szentendre is a city which is known as a beautiful and tranquil. It was a first time for me to go to the other city in Hungary thus I was so excited.

In general, Kazakhstan people celebrate their birthday in restaurant or hotel. According to the other friend of Kazakhstan It is normal to invite over one hundred people in the birthday party. They invite their friends, family, relative, the friends of relative and so on. I did not believe it when I hear it however every Kazakhstan people said me the same thing therefore I thought it is true. This time, she cannot invite them in Hungary as she wanted spend her birthday in the most beautiful city in this country. When I arrived here, I thought it is very different from Budapest. The view in Szentendre was like fairy tale especially house and there are only few people to visit there. I immediately fell in love this beautiful and small and silent city. We walked around the whole city, and went to the restaurant to cerebrate her. She was really delighted to visit there and celebrated her birthday with us. During walking around the city, she gave us Langos whish is traditional Hungarian food. In Kazakhstan, when people want to take place birthday party, they book hotel or restaurant and prepare birthday food. She said me that it is instead of birthday food. The other Kazakhstan friends told me that they have same food, Langos in their country. Kazakhstan, Turkey and Hungary were basically same ethnic group, Quriltai therefore, these country have similar food and culture. When I heard it, I was really impressed as I did know it and I met every people, Kazakh, Turkish, Hungarian but everyone has different face. It was very interested for me. I was very satisfied this day because I could know much more knowledge about Kazakhstan and see her beautiful smile.


私は授業数が人よりも多いので、いつもかかさず寮のリビングで復習していたのですが、テストが近づくにつれ勉強する人の数が多くなり今では席の取り合いです。プレゼンテーションは私一人でするのではなく、グループで行うことが多いです。Asian and Europe in the Changing World という授業でも、グループプレゼンテーションをすることになったのですが、グループになった相手の作業の仕方が少しいい加減なところがあったので困りました。