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【留学】マレーシアからの留学だより #4

2016年08月23日 国際交流

About School

Finally, the final exams are over!
I had four exams in total. The most surprising thing is that exam duration was more than 3 hours in some subjects. Since I haven’t sat on chair such a long hour for a while, it was hard for me to keep focusing on exams for 3 hours.
Although each subject was quite tough, I devoted all my effort in it. I hope to pass all subject!! I will get my result in the middle of August.

About holiday

I have been to Sri Lanka and India with my friend for the first time in my life. We have been planning this trip more than a month ago. I could say we overcame tough final exams because of this trip! We landed on Sri Lanka first and stayed different parts of Sri Lanka for a week. We have been to Kandy which is located in the middle of Sri Lanka, Mirrissa and Unawatuna which are both small towns along beautiful beaches. I loved every place in Sri Lanka, but the beaches were quite nice even though we didn’t have a luck with nice weather. Most of people in Sri Lanka are friendly and helpful, but some of people selling things for foreigners try to lie and cheat prices. We had a lunch in a restaurant along the beach and ordered two sprite. Since the prices were not written on the menu, we checked them on the bottle because the prices are shown on products its self in most cases in Sri Lanka. When we got a bill, they charged us more than the prices written on the bottle. We complained about it and asked them the reason. They said it is a restaurant price but we told them that they should show all price on the menu. Then they said no foreigners have complained about it before. It means they can cheat as much as they want if nobody complains about it. It was fine because they apologized us at the end and we hope they change menu soon.

India was a country where I have been dreaming to visit once in my life since I was small. We traveled New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Varanasi using a car and train for 10 days. A lot of things happened in India. It would be long story if I tell everything so I will just talk about Indian taxi driver we hired for 5 days. On the first day, he was polite and smiling all the time. However, on fourth day of our trip, he asked us if he could go back to New Delhi tomorrow because his wife got pregnant. I immediately realized his lie and asked him to provide us with new driver instead. He said “No worries my friend! I will be here tomorrow.” Then I said “so you lied to us, right?”. He kept quiet. I have seen so many Indian people who lie a lot and already got tired before heading to Varanasi by sleeper train. However, things have changed after we stayed in Japanese guest house in Varanasi which is famous for ganga river. We met two Indian guys working in hostel. One of them can speak Japanese fluently, so he is in charge of doing tour for Japanese guests. The other guy can’t speak Japanese nor English, but he is good at cooking Japanese food! I almost hate India and Indian through this trip but since I met these two Indian guys, I started to like India. Then I really thought journey could be great or bad depends on who you meet in the trip.