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【留学】マレーシアからの留学だより #5

2016年09月30日 国際交流

About School

The long holiday started from the end of July, however, I got a disappointing results of final exams in the middle of August. It showed that I had to take re-sit examination in two subjects which were Introduction to International Business and Research Methods and had to take re-sit exam and submit course work all over again in International Economics Theory and Policy.
Although I studied hard for final exam, these results let me realize that I have to put much more efforts than I did in order to pass modules. Since I wanted to focus on subjects that there was a possibility to pass them rather than failing all subject in the result of studying all of them, I only took re-sit exams of two subjects.
I don’t know whether I pass them or not, but I don’t regret anything because I put as much effort as I could for re-sit exams:)

About holiday

My two high school friends came to Malaysia for 5 days in the end of August. Since it was the first time for one of the girls to go abroad and even to take a plain, we have been as many places as we could during their stay. We have been to most of famous places in Malaysia such as Twin Tower, Batu caves, china town and huge shopping mall.

We also went to sky bar which is a bar located just in front of twin tower and is on the top floor of the building because I wanted them to enjoy stunning night view from there. However, we were stopped to enter the bar because they said only those who above 21 is allowed to go inside. I complained a lot to them because I could enter the bar a few weeks ago when I came with my friend and they didn’t even check the ID at that time. They didn’t allow us to go inside the bar but agreed to take a photo in the entrance where we could see twin tower.

We also have been to Singapore as just one-day trip! It only costs 3,000yen for round trip tickets by a bus. Although we were supposed to take a bus at 8 AM, the bus was delayed so we ended up taking a bus at 10AM. Due to the traffic and some troubles, we arrived at Singapore at 5PM. Since we already booked a bus going back to Malaysia at 12AM, it looked like we didn’t have enough time to fully enjoy Singapore. However, we really made our trip perfect! 
We have been to a small island and enjoyed the beach. We had a dinner at reasonable local restaurant so we somehow saved some cash. We also went to famous Merlion and marina bay sands hotel to take thousands of pictures. Even though we only spent 6 hours in Singapore, we fully enjoyed it and only spent 3000yen excluding bus tickets. If you come to Malaysia, I definitely recommend going to Singapore:)


7月下旬から長い休暇が始まりましたが、8月半ばにどきどきの成績発表がありました。4科目中1科目(international finance)が受かり、2科目(Research Methods, introduction to international business)が追試で、もう1科目(International economics theory and policy)は追試プラス再課題提出という自分でも予想してなかった悲惨な結果で、さすがに数日間は心が折れました。

私が受けた科目の期末試験は全て記述式で、例えばinternational financeは計算問題が4割ほど、残りは現代社会で起きている問題の記事などが与えられ、それを授業で習った理論などを交えて説明していくといった形式でした。他のinternational economics theory and policyとintroduction to international businessは更に難しく、マレーシアの経済状況などの記事を読んで、いくつもの理論と自らの意見を交えて述べなければいけない問題など、とにかく全ての問題に対して長文で答えなければいけませんでした。試験時間は3時間程ありましたが、どの科目も時間ぎりぎりに書き終わっていました。





私のお婆さんは夜の7時になると寝て、朝は5時くらいに起きる人なので、そのお婆さんが毎日夜中の1時にベッドに入りお昼の12時頃に起きていたので、とても驚き、ある意味パワフルだなと思いました。 私の友達2人も同じ時期に日本からマレーシアに到着したので、1週間ほど狭い思いをして5人で生活していました。