バイヤー アヒム

バイヤー アヒムProfessor Achim Bayer


役職 教授
専門領域 仏教/チベット/比較文化学
関連キーワード 仏教/チベット/比較文化

Buddhism and Culture(仏教と文化)


We will explore the impact of Buddhism on everyday life in Japan and its manifestation in well-known concepts such as “the path” as well as more specific Buddhist doctrines. We will further consider cultural practices such as as meditation and recitation as well as the history of Buddhism. Originating in India, Buddhism spread into Central and East Asia through the Silk Road, into South-East Asia and, several centuries later, into Tibet across the Himalaya.


The major study seminar comprises both group studies and personal advice that will prepare students for their graduation theses. The focus lies on cultural interaction, understood in the sense of synchronic interaction between people from different cultural spheres as well as diachronic influence over generational shifts and longer historical periods. The seminar follows a flexible learner-oriented approach in order to advance the particular strengths and interests of the students.