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Student Life

Student Life

International Exchange Center

Since the late 1990s, Kanazawa Seiryo University has been working hard to promote international exchange with overseas universities. In order to further internationalize the university, the International Exchange Center was established in April, 2014. The International Exchange Center promotes studying abroad among KSU students, provides support for international students, and facilitates exchange between KSU and other institutions of higher education throughout the world.

Kanazawa Seiryo University now has 59 partner universities and other academic institutions in 20 different countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hungary, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Russia. KSU students have opportunities for both short-term and long-term study abroad programs at any one of these partner institutions. Also we accept short-term and full-time international students from partner institutions each year.

The International Exchange Center helps international students adapt to their new home and school in Japan, offering useful information and advice for living in Japanese society, and holding various events, such as parties, tours, and camps. The IEC staff at KSU is very proud to contribute to international exchange and promises to strive to develop KSU into a truly globalized university.

Seiryo Ambassadors

“Seiryo Ambassadors” is a student volunteer group which both Japanese and international students can join. This group was formed to enhance international understanding and exchange at KSU. Every year, “ambassadors” plan and carry out various kinds of international exchange events at KSU, such as a cherry blossom viewing picnic and a trekking tour. “Seiryo Ambassadors” sincerely hopes to serve as a bridge between international and Japanese students, and further internationalize their campus.

2020-2021 Seiryo International Student Calendar (Tentative)

2020-2021 Seiryo International Student Calendar (Tentative)

1st Semester

4/2 Entrance Ceremony
4/6 Arrival
4/8 Orientation
4/9 Classes Begin
4/24 Welcome Party
5/2~5/10 Break due to "Golden Week"
5/23 1Day Trip (Historic Village tour)
6/6 Hyakumangoku Festival & Dance
6/11~6/12 No Classes
6/27~6/28 International Camp
7/6~7/17 Short-term Japanese Culture program
7/6~7/17 Culture Experience Week
7/24 Farewell Party
7/31 Japanese Language Program completion ceremony
7/31 Classes End
8/3~8/11 Final Exams
8/18~8/19 Makeup Exams
8/12~9/2 Summer Vacation

2nd Semester

9/16 Arrival
9/17~9/18 Orientation
9/21 Classes Begin
10/2 Welcome Party
10/17 1Day Trip ("Noto" region tour)
10/28~11/3 School Festival/No Classes
11/23~11/24 No Classes
'Wednesdays Culture Experience Week
12/5 Cultural Exchange with Kids
12/18 Christmas Party
12/24~1/3 Winter Break
1/7 Japanese Speech Contest
1/22 Farewell Party
1/26 Japanese Language Program completion ceremony
1/26 Classes End
1/28・29・31 No Classes
2/3~2/12 Final Exams
2/17~2/18 Makeup Exams
2/13~4/8 Spring Vacation

Please note that the schedule is subject to change without notice.

Please refer to the detailed calendar below for more information.

2020-2021 Seiryo International Student Calendar(PDF)

Campus Life


(1) International Student Dormitory “Seiryo”

Address 11-1 Ushi, Gosho-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0813, Japan
Rooms 20 rooms
Building 2-story building
Maximum period of stay 6 months
Monthly fee single room: ¥30,000
(including electricity, gas, water)
Room Facilities Bath, kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, lighting, and bed (bedding is not included)

(2) University owned Shared-House “Seiryo”

Address 48-2 Ushi, Gosho-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0813, Japan
Rooms 2 single rooms, 1 shared room
Building 2-story building
Maximum period of stay 6 months
Monthly fee single room : ¥25,000
shared room : ¥20,000
(including electricity, gas, water)
House Facilities Bath, kitchen, refrigerator, dining table, washing machine, air conditioning, lighting, and bed (bedding is not included)

First payment : Please pay the first payment within the first week of your arrival and pay the dormitory fee or the shared-house fee.
Monthly payment : Please pay your monthly dormitory fee or shared-house fee in cash by the 25th of each month.

(3) Off-campus Housing and Apartments
There are various options for student-friendly off-campus housing and apartments near Kanazawa Seiryo University. The average rent is around \20,000 ~ \40,000 and other utility fees (electricity, gas, and water) are around \10,000 in total. For more information, please ask the staff at the International Exchange Center.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities

For students in need of financial support, Kanazawa Seiryo University offers a scholarship to 3rd Year undergraduate transfer students who are in excellent academic standing and are active members of the campus community. Moreover, there are a number of scholarship opportunities provided by the Japanese government and private organizations for both transfer international students as well as international students from partner universities.

Scholarship Amount (\) Qualifications
Kanazawa Seiryo University Full-time Undergraduate International Student Scholarship 50,000/month The top three academically-qualified students (Annual)
Japanese Government Scholarship Graduate Level 152,000/month Selected and recommended by the university (highly competitive)
Undergraduate Level
Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students Graduate Level 65,000/month Selected and recommended by the university every May (There is a good chance of being accepted)
Undergraduate Level
Ishikawa Prefectural Government Scholarship for International Students 20,000/month Selected and recommended by the university (There is a good chance of being accepted)
Private Organization Scholarships Varies depending upon the organization (1) The university nominates candidates for each scholarship
(2) Students apply for the scholarship directly
Student Life
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Student Life

10-1 Ushi, Gosho-machi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, 920-8620, Japan
TEL : 076-253-3896 (International Exchange Center)
TEL : +81-76-253-3896 (From outside Japan)
FAX : +81-76-253-3617 (From outside Japan)

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