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Kanazawa Seiryo University has opened a new academic building!
Named the Global Commons, this building symbolizes the globalization of the University.
KSU will keep on evolving for its international education.

Global Commons

The Global Commons was established on February 12th, 2016, to promote global human resource development at Kanazawa Seiryo University.
The second floor features a vast learning commons, designed to allow motivated students to improve their skills.
On the same floor is the International Exchange Center, where staff members with experience of studying abroad are stationed to provide international students with various types of advice and support. All the staff members speak both Japanese and English for the convenience of thsoe who aren't comfortable with communicating in Japanese.
Japanese language programs for international students are also held in this building, which provides a great opportunity for students from all over the world to interact with each other.

Career Design Building

This facility includes the Junior College, Career Support Center, and Seiryo Extension Center. The glass curtain walls face the courtyard, which creates an image of sophistication while the greenery along the Kanakusari River provides a softer aspect that ensures harmony with its surroundings.

Career Support Center

Check Career Support Center
The Career Support Center also has an employment support office for the University and Junior College. The center serves as a base for students preparing for employment, and includes a Guidance Room and Powder Room.

Extended Education Division

Check Extended Education Division
The Extended Education Division offers various career development programs. Experienced teachers and staff help students pass high-level exams, such as exams for tax accountants and state exams for public officials and teachers. The Extended Education Division also offers a wide variety of courses for helpful qualifications.

Multi-purpose Space

Check Multi-purpose Lecture Theater
The multi-purpose space can accommodate about 100 people and is used for community events as well as university and junior college classes.

Media Library

The new face of Kanazawa Seiryo University is the Media Library, which faces the street in front of the University. The front side features clear glass curtain walls and wooden louvers while the right and left piloti gates welcome students with a bright, sophisticated atmosphere.


Check Library
The reading floors are housed in a two-story hall in which students can study in a bright, open atmosphere. The library has 270 seats and more than 170,000 books.

Computer Lab

Check Computer Lab
The computer lab where information technology related lectures are held offers a sufficient number of computers for large group audiences.

Digital Lab

Check Digital Lab
The digital lab is equipped with seven large, high-performance computers for advanced tasks such as high-definition video editing.

Media Lounge

Check Media Lounge
The relaxing lounge space is used by students for studying or enjoying conversation.

7-Eleven Seiryo

Check The Seven-Eleven
Media Library has a 7-Eleven Seiryo Shop for the convenience of students' campus life.

Other Facilities

Piazza Studios

Check Piazza Studios
This creative space consists of five sub-sections: Play, Expression, Rhythm, Shaping, and Experiments. While functioning as a place to learn about children through practice, the Piazza Workshop is also open to the community as a venue of exchange between children and students.

Seiryo Sports Center

Check Seiryo Sports Center
The Sports Center has a training room equipped with gym equipment and a studio used for dancing, etc. There is also a dojo for martial arts, such as kendo, judo, and karate.


Check Gymnasium
The sub-arena (first floor) can be used for baseball or tennis practice. The main arena (third floor) is a floor that consists of two courts for volleyball or basketball.

Graduate School

Check Graduate School
The Graduate School is on the eighth floor of the building.

Quick-stop Post Office and Seiryo Plaza

Check Quick-stop Post Office and Seiryo Plaza
Having a post office on campus can be unexpectedly useful! The Seiryo Plaza offers convenient services, including mobile phone subscriptions and ticket arrangements for domestic and international travel.

Student Hall

Check Student Hall
This space, equipped with vending machines and a TV, is provided to students for relaxation between lectures and as a space to enjoy conversation together.

University Administration Office

Check University Administration Office
The different services provided by the University Administration Office supports various aspects of student life.

Inaoki Educational Institute Athletic Field

Check Inaoki General Training Field
Kanazawa Seiryo University is known for its sports-related achievements. Our featured training field has Japan's first ever blue tracks, which are approved by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations as Class 4 tracks, and is also equipped with field lightings for night events.

Health Care Center and Counselling Room

Check Health Care Centere and Counselling Room
Health Care Center and Counseling Room cooperate with each other to protect the physical and mental well-being of students.

Seiryo Cafeteria Ca et la

Check Seiryo Cafeteria Ca et la
The student cafeteria provides a rich selection of delicious dishes at affordable prices.

Jozukayama Ground

Check Jyozukayama Ground
The field consists of a multi-purpose field and baseball field. The hardball baseball team practices long hours here every day.

Inaoki Hall

Check Inaoki auditorium
This great hall has 1,259 seats.In addition to events such as graduation and degree presentation ceremonies, lecture meetings and live music performances are held at this hall.
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