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Faculty of Human Sciences

Department of sport Science

Department of Sport Science

Students will acquire the knowledge and practical skills required in all aspects of sports activities, including organizational management and leadership, in addition to being involved in competitive sports.
Given the modern aging society and the increasing emphasis on health, the department aims to cultivate individuals that can respond to the needs of the community in areas of health and sports activities.

1. Bringing out the qualities most suitable for students from three areas

The Department of sport Science approaches sports education from the three areas of Sports Education, Sports Management, and Sports Athletes. Each curriculum is designed so as to accommodate students with a focused learning experience for their respective future goals.
The Sports Education curriculum is intended for prospective physical education teachers and sports coaches/leaders at junior and senior high schools. The Sports Management curriculum caters to prospective operators of sports organizations and public officials (with administrative functions) concerned with sports. Finally, the Sports Athletes curriculum aims to turn out high-level athletes, coaches, and public officials such as police officers, firefighters, and self-defense force personnel.

2. Quality coaching by faculty and front-line educational staff

Kanazawa Seiryo University has had outstanding sports achievements over the years and has created an extensive organizational network. The Department of sport Science has an assortment of faculty members who are former Olympians, sports professionals, and other leading figures in coaching and/or research, whose guidance and instructions students learning about sports can be proud to receive.

3. A learning environment with ample facilities and equipment

Kanazawa Seiryo University's sports-related facilities include an athletics stadium with blue tracks (the first to be introduced in Japan), dual arena gymnasium, training center equipped with the latest instruments and equipment, and health biometric measurement room for scientific exercise management, all of which help establish a rich learning environment for learning sports.

Department of Child Study

Department of Child Study

The faculty is aimed at cultivating "child specialists" who can resolve problems revolving around children and their education by considering the issue from the perspective of the child rather than that of an adult.
The students will acquire a scientific comprehension of infants and children as well as practical skills to deal with children.
The department supports students who seek to become certified as an elementary school teacher or kindergarten teacher, or both.

1. Understanding infants and children across age groups

In this time of falling birthrates, what we need now is a comprehensive "children's education," rather than demarcated infant education and schoolchildren education. Students enrolled in the Department of Child Study will simultaneously learn the two specialized areas of infant education and schoolchildren education, aiming to become child specialists. As such, students can earn teaching certificates for both Type 1 Elementary School Teacher and Type 1 Kindergarten Teacher.

2. Creative space for children - Piazza Workshop

The Piazza Workshop is a creative space uniquely established at the university for the practical study of children's education. This spacious, free creative space consists of five workshops centered respectively on the themes of Play, Rhythm, Expression, Shaping, and Experiments. Not only is this the primary learning setting of the Department of Child Study, but it also is publicly open to the community as an actual venue for childcare, providing students with repeated opportunities to interact with children.

3. Faculty staff who are experts in children

The teaching staff of the Department of Child Study consists of a colorful variety of personnel, including a former supervisor for the Board of Education of Ishikawa Prefecture, former elementary school teachers and vice-principals, and specialists in the fields of music and art. Students can benefit from this enriched learning experience, along with more practical education provided in collaboration with the two affiliated kindergartens in Kanazawa.

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