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Graduate School of Strategic Management


Career paths that open up with the Graduate School of Strategic Management
[Three Career Paths]

1. Tax Accountant

Exemption from part of the tax accountant certification examination
Certain subjects of the tax accountant certification examination can be substituted by a review of the master's thesis. Therefore, passing the Graduate School's review of a master's thesis related to tax law will exempt applicable students from two out of three subjects, helping students enter a tax accountant career.

2. Business

Becoming work-ready
Completing the curriculum of the Graduate School enables graduates to attain a high level of knowledge of management approaches and analyses as well as prepare them as experts for corporate organizations and, therefore, allows them to be immediately active as effective members of the business world workforce.

Characteristics of education and research guidance

Characteristics of education and research guidance

1. Focus on practical research

A clear understanding and resolution of real-life issues, using numerical and quantitative analyses in the economic and business administration fields.

2. Introduction of the full semester system

A semester system that enables admission in April and September and completion of year in March and September.

3. Working adult-friendly curriculum

An environment that enables stress-free learning for working adults, with consideration given to nighttime and intensive classes.

4. Career progress

First step toward becoming certified as a tax accountant through the examination subject exemption program (applicants are exempt from certain subjects in the certification exam by substituting them with the passing of a master's thesis review).

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